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This month we're excited to share learners' successes, through using brain friendly tips. Our recent application to have our events accredited (see below), prompted us to re-visit the results we achieve, to check that our learners are achieving the same - and better!

Below, we list eight reasons why brain friendly learning (BFL) works and some of the results our learners have shared. If you, or an organisation you work with, aren't getting these results consistently, is now a good time to ask 'what can we do differently?'

Have you seen?

Wordle is a toy for generating word clouds from text that you provide. It's great for stimulating the linguistic and visual-spatial intelligences.

Click here to find out more and here to check out Stella's first learning wordle.

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1) BFL speeds design - achieved by switching from materials-centred delivery to learner-centred activity;     2) BFL inspires creativity - a recent design about risk and reward now features on the BBC website RAW;     3) BFL cuts costs - reduction in workplace accidents;     4) BFL saves time - delivery times reduced by half;     5) BFL improves memory - 100% exam pass rates;     6) BFL ensures learning transfer - measurable results within 24 hours;    7) BFL is easier to digest - especially proven with learning which is tough, technical or tortuous;     8) BFL enhances personal achievement -
pay rises and increased fees realised!

If there's someone you need to convince about the business case for BFL, they can find out about the benefits by downloading our special report Use Your Brain here - for free.

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Brain Friendly Learning Group

The Creativity Myth book Our innovative professional development community goes from strength to strength. Membership is approaching 200, the Forum is now in full swing, and our new North West group launches on 26th June, with a repeat of our sell-out Reading session, Brain Friendly Learning for the Sceptical.

You can read Forum postings here. and to participate in the Forum, join our thriving community click here

Bookings for our June meetings will open soon; ensure you're a member and be sure of an invite!

Accredited Learning

Maximising Impact front cover We're delighted that both our brain friendly events have just been formally accredited by ITOL. This makes us unique in the brain friendly world, as we can now award nationally recognised certification to those who learn how to apply brain friendly methods with us.

Earlybird bookings have just opened for Maximising Impact™ on 12th June, and 16th October; click here for all the details.

Bookings for How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ will open in May; click here to register your interest now!

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