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Boring Environment - Bored Learners?

In the current issue of ITOL's Training & Learning, the well-known management writer, Charles Handy, suggests that boring workplaces breed boring thoughts and boring people and argues workplaces which visually inspire will in turn result in inspired workers.

He cites wall frescoes in Siena's town hall, businesses where the products are on display, and publishers' offices lined with their latest books, as places where workers are inspired by visual reminders of what they're there for, in contrast to company mission statements lying forgotten at the back of desks of those bored by their work environment.

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We equally argue that a training room with no visual input can result in bored people and thoughts, so here's 5 ideas to hang on the walls, wherever you're sharing learning:

1. Start the session with colourful posters depicting key learning points of the day. 2. Ask learners to write their objectives on multi-coloured, multi-shaped post-its. 3. Photos of previous participants actively doing what they've learnt back at work is a great motivator. 4. Encourage people to draw their ideas on flip chart paper - using lots of different pens. 5. And to end the session, groups can produce collages of all the learning they've shared.

To experience learning which stimulates every sense, and to discover why this is so important for learning, we look forward to you joining us at an open event in 2010!

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