Rooms for improvement!
How to get the environment right.

When people first work with us - whether we're hosting a meeting, delivering training, or simply communicating 1-2-1 - they always notice how we've set up the environment differently.

They comment on the benefits they feel as a result of quickly understanding what's in it for them, getting straight down to it, and feeling surprisingly at ease in a strange place.

We could write a book on this topic (we probably will!) but for now, use these brief tips to get your working environments right.

Observe how people and productivity benefit!

We Recommend
Jean Kelly's 7 Steps to Promote Workplace Harmony.

Do you want to discover the secrets of managing staff successfully? Jean's easy to follow brain friendly pack shows you how to manage your team so that harmony, motivation and respect abound. Whether you're a new or an experienced manager, click here to read all about this unique management resource.

Brain in Business Blue Man Use full spectrum light, keep the air fresh, ignore what you're told is the 'right' size, go outside, free yourself of furniture, avoid noisy neighbours, keep brains hydrated and fed with 'good' glucose, stimulate the senses, and challenge the phrase 'it can't be done here'. For more info on each of these tips, read our 'how to' guide on by clicking here. Brain in Business Blue Man

Brain Friendly
Learning Group

Brain Friendly Learning Group - new ideas
								and new learning This is a friendly, growing, professional development network with a curiosity about the brain, people, creativity and learning. You can learn more about us by clicking here. We're expanding daily - in fact 25 people have joined us in the last 48hrs! So, if you're not in the Group yet, click here to: register your interest, benefit from our massive Bank Holiday discount, and get your invitation to our next event on 19th September.

Polish Your Performance at Maximising Impact™

At our last Maximising Impact™ (2 weeks ago), our Maximising Impact training event group of experienced professionals reported they: had raised their game; were re-inspired; anticipated business results; gained memorable insights; were buzzing with ideas; and would recommend it to anyone involved in learning, development or presentations. We will be at the fully accessible The Studio in Birmingham on 29th September - will you join us?

Click here for the brochure, or here to book, and find out how even the most experienced can learn ways to polish performance!

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