How to pre-engage your learners.

Recently, we re-read an email from a participant who'd attended one of our longer events, a couple of years ago. She'd gone back to work fired up with lots of ideas, and immediately influenced a colleague to make the content of an upcoming session more brain friendly.

However, for reasons of time, they decided not to try any of the pre-engagement ideas we'd suggested, which help to improve attendance, particularly at 'mandatory' events.

Result - only 65% of the invitees showed up!

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Brainstorming That Works

Hazel Wagner has recently joined our brain friendly community from the States. Hazel's an expert on brainstorming and brain facilitation. She's got some fantastic resources on her Brainstorming That Works website, so get inspired by her ideas here.

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If you're an external learning facilitator, what does that do for your reputation? And if you're an internal facilitator, what cost do 'no-shows' represent to your business? Here's 5 actions you could take - all of which work for somebody, if not for everybody.

1. Avoid words like mandatory - or any word which suggests there's no choice, even if there isn't! 2. Have input to the invite - don't leave it to the customer, or a standard internal form. 3. Have further personal contact by email or by phone, in advance. 4. Value what individuals will bring to the event - especially if they've 'been there, done that'. 5. Send something to the invitees prior to the event which will arouse their curiosity.

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Brain Friendly Learning Group

Following a thought-provoking inaugural session in the North, we're now BFLG meeting scheduling events in both the South and the North, for the remainder of the year. Click here to read about Communicating with Play on 18th September in the South and here to find out about Releasing Your Unconscious Genius on 2nd October in the North. And if you've not yet registered for our lively professional development group, you're only one click away!

Learning - The One Minute Motivator

We're now putting the final touches to the above title, our 3rd ebook in the Brain Friendly Essentials series. In this ebook, we'll be exploring more of the successful strategies we use Book 3 front cover to engage individuals and audiences before, during and after an event; in our view, all stages are equally important, if you're striving to achieve the full brain friendly experience. In this series of 8 ebooks, we're journeying through the entire model we use to design all our programmes and events. So if you've not yet read ebooks 1 and 2 - Begin with the Brain in Mind and The Creativity Myth - look out for our special offer on all 3 ebooks, early in September.

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