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Why to be a brain friendly trainer?

Usually in our ezines and in our Summer of Learning snapshots, we share what you can do and how you can do it, to improve the experience of learning for your audiences.

And as every experienced facilitator knows, the WIIFM factor is one of the most important motivators in encouraging the uptake of information and learning in others.

So here's just 6 of the reasons why we believe you'd benefit from experiencing the whole picture of brain friendly learning, when you (quite rightly!) ask us the question, "What's In It For Me?"

Have you been ?
BFLG meetings

There's also opportunities to join us twice in September:

Ann's serving up Food for Fit Brains in the North on the 17th (closing date 31st August)

and Stella's leading Principles of Ethical Influencing in the South on the 24th.

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1. Your creativity is unleashed. Irrespective of how creative you are right now, you will attain an exciting new level. 2. You'll be in tune with everyone in your audience - even if you haven't been able to do a learning needs analysis. 3. You'll see, hear and feel people becoming absorbed in learning - no matter how technical or 'hard to learn' the topic. 4. Remember that important memory effect for your audiences we keep banging on about? - well it means your capacity to remember is vastly improved too! 5. You'll experience how rewarding it is to share information and learning which makes a measurable difference to individuals as well as consistently achieving workplace results. 6. Are you concerned you're stuck in a rut? Imagine feeling again that you're doing the best job in the world, able to welcome what each new day brings - that's the best reason in the world for us!

So if you want to discover what's in brain friendly learning for you, your audiences, and the organisations with whom you work,
call Ann now on 01380 850 192 to book a last place at
How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer
Bookings will close on Friday 3rd September.

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LMAS funding

We have learnt across the summer that Leadership and Management Funding monies via Business Link are available to help people who satisfy the funding criteria to join us in September - details of the criteria have been sent to everyone in our community during the month. This funding window is about to close.

So if lack of ££ is the only reason stopping you joining us in September - call Ann on 01380 850 192 to find out more, just as soon as you read this!

Join us while you can!

As you may know, one of the primary reasons we run open events, is to share brain friendly learning ideas with others, so leading edge methods can be cascaded by you within your own organisation or to others with whom you work. Because of the continuing economic challenges for L & D everywhere, we are now being asked to run more in-house train the trainer type events, to enable businesses to continue to deliver business-critical learning themselves. In 2011, our concentration will be on internal deliveries and we have no plans to run open events. So if you've always been intending to book for How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ or Maximising Impact - please join us while you can! Only members of our Brain in Business community get the best individual or pairs rates - contact us to find out more.

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Ann Grindrod and Stella Collins help individuals and organisations deliver information and learning that sticks, no matter how challenging the topic. If you want people to get rapid results and remember more of what you say, contact them at Brain in Business today.
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