Short of ideas?
Use the EXPERT™ to solve your problems.

In business we all have to solve challenges, whatever our level, and it can be useful to have an expert to help. But who are the experts and how do you know who to choose?

Many of the people who are expert at your business are already in your business, including you! So how do you get help from outside? One way is to start a Mastermind group - an 'alliance of 2 or more minds' (N. Hill). How do you set up such a group?

Sound out 3/4 people who are successful in their own field and who may have different ideas to yours. Block out a couple of hours, and agree ground rules. Work on one challenge at a time and talk, listen, share and experiment with suggestions.

We recommend
Gavin Meikle's
Reluctant Presenter Ebook

If you or colleagues are new to presenting, this illustrated, easy to read ebook is for you. Ideal for nervous novices and reluctant presenters alike, Gavin shares with you the secrets of confident, convincing and concise presentations. Click here to read all about it!

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To guide us through this journey, whilst keeping the brain in mind, we use the EXPERT™ process: Elicit issues to decide on the outcome you're seeking; eXpert identification to discover each person's expertise; Probe the issue using who, where, what, why, when, how questions; Exhibit expertise - start to suggest solutions; Reveal more - if you choose to; Take action - commit publicly to what you will do next.

For more info on each of these steps, click here to read our
how to guide.

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How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™

Surrounded by the rolling (if a little frosty!) Lambourn downs, sustained by hearty organic food (fresh from the farm), and stimulated by thought-provoking graffiti (even on the toilet walls!), last week we graduated an inspiring new group to Brain Friendly trainers at work! the community of learning facilitators who are now skilled to use brain friendly methods.

If you're keen to join this growing community, and bring enjoyment, memory, and results to all you design and deliver, register your interest for 2009, and email us now.

Season's Greetings

As we come to the end of this first year of our Brain in Business™ joint venture, we want to thank you as a friend, supporter, Christmas Celebration! or customer, for joining us on the journey towards accessible learning for all.

Part of our commitment in 2008 was to go beyond the UK with our ideas, and we have now been joined by brain friendly enthusiasts as far away as Canada, India, Qatar, and Peru, as well as many from the European Union.

Wherever you are in the world, we send you our warmest seasonal greetings, and wish you and those close to you, an abundance of what you seek in 2009!

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