Why co-operation, not competition, works!

Most experienced trainers and faciliators naturally encourage their learners to learn together - whether it's in pairs, consultancy trios, small groups, or as a whole group - size permitting! Co-operative learning appeals both to our Interpersonal and Intrapersonal intelligences (Gardner, Harvard).

Here's 5 reasons why we encourage our groups to co-operate, and not compete, in the learning environment: provides a multi-sensory memory link; can be used to access all intelligences; serves as a useful reminder where points may have been missed; motivational in reminding learners how much they have learned; and invariably humorous, providing a positive emotional state.

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To make the best of this powerful learning and development technique, without the hassle, try Appraisal360 where they provide an efficient easy to use online product with great looking reports and personal service. Visit their website for a free trial or demonstration.

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When Stella founded our unique development community, the Brain Friendly Learning Group, in 2007, a significant aim was to encourage co-operation between learning and communication professionals, so that we all benefit from learning together. As we go to print, the BFLG Forum has just been launched, and participation is for members only.

Click here to find out more and if you haven't joined us yet, do join us soon, to get all your questions about brain friendly learning answered by the experts - i.e. the Group!

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We're delighted to have reached our first target of 500 on the Simply Learning/Brain in Business database. Everyone who helped us get there by referring others to us, is now enjoying (and learning from!) their personal copy of Learning - Begin with the Brain in Mind - with our thanks and compliments. To encourage The world networking your contacts to join us, simply point them to the website, and it's really important they put your name in the how did you hear? box. Our Celebration Giveaway is now closed, so look out for other FREE resources throughout 2009.

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Brain Friendly Learners! Regular readers of Training Journal may have seen the very favourable review of our unique 1-day introduction to the entire brain friendly model. David Apparicio, FITOL, said "As a seasoned presenter, I was refreshingly surprised at how much I got from the day. It renewed my excitement about how engaging and inspiring I can make my presentations. Maximising Impact works". Read the full review here and bookmark the website for 2009 dates - coming soon! (N.B. The Training Journal picture is a great example of how NOT to set up meeting and learning environments!)

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