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How to banish PowerPoint!

In the excitement to get our 2 new websites launched (see below), it's reminded us of one of the core tenets of how we deliver learning differently - we banish PowerPoint altogether, or we use it with a very light touch!

And we guess we really don't need to share any of our dire experiences of observing PowerPoint in use with our readers - because you've probably got enough sleep-inducing stories of your own!

Just 2 quick reminders why it's not a fantastic resource for learning facilitators - it usually doesn't aid learners' long-term memory, and it's not known for getting results!

Stop Press!

We're often asked to suggest useful resources, and since we linked up with Amazon, we've now added a total of 36 books to the website. We'll continue to add more, so bookmark this link now for a fast route to resources which feed brains and motivate people to act.

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So here's some ideas you can use instead:

1. Put the key learning on posters, spread them round the room, get the audience to walk and learn. 2. Create a story around the key learning points - better still, get the learners to create their own. 3. Use physical resources which learners handle - toys, products, samples - whilst you highlight what's important. 4. Send the learners into the business to find out critical information - which they report back on colourful displays 5. Ask managers to record what's important for the business - and learners work out the who and why.

To experience results-focused learning without PowerPoint, join us at an event in 2010!

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Join us at BFLG

It's not too late to book to join us at our first two Brain Friendly Learning Group sessions in 2010. Ally McCulloch and Paul Wright kick off in Girl singing the South this Friday 26th February with the swiss army knife in the trainers' toolkit - Learning through Music - and Stella will be in the North on 19th March with Danny Norcross, so you can experience how to transform a training room in
From Dungeon to Delight.

We'll be delighted to welcome you - click here to join us now.

Two new websites launched!

Because of the increasing demand for our major events, and the anticipated impact from some national marketing, we've decided to launch dedicated websites for our two most frequently-requested events. Today, to provide more information about Maximising Impact, we launch www.presentinformationpowerfully.com and next week, it's our showcase of brain friendly learning www.howtobeabrainfriendlytrainer.com. As part of our 21st Anniversary celebratory gifts to everyone in our community, you can receive a discount when you book, by inserting your personal coupon code. And because we've had a spate of new subscribers recently, we'll remind you what your code is on Friday!

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