Mind your 'sees' and 'views'!
A brief guide to effective communication.

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If you have studied some NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), you will know that we all use sensory-based language in our verbal and written communications. And if we're continually communicating with someone using a different sense to their preference, communication can quickly break down.

As learning facilitators, we all need to be adept at translating what we say to appeal to all preferences within our audiences, so here's some ideas to get you started.

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To check understanding, you could ask 'do you see my view' (visual)/ 'do you hear what I'm saying' (auditory)/ 'are you getting to grips with the subject' (kinesthetic)/ 'have you got the essence of this' (olfactory)/ and 'are you getting a taste for the topic' (gustatory)? Now have a go yourself! Try translating 'I smell a rat' into the 4 other sensory preferences - let us know your most imaginative translation! (change the words; keep the meaning).

Communicating in a multi-sensory, -intelligence, and -memory way is key at all our brain friendly events;
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