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If music be the food of ... learning!

Welcome to our first edition in 2010. We've resolved to share even more ideas to help you deliver information and learning with impact - starting with a topic not featured before.

Research suggests that music has a tremendous influence on the brain. Students with a musical background have been found to have higher grade averages than those without. An important effect of music for learning is that listening skills are enhanced.

Music stabilises mental, physical and emotional rhythms, allowing large amounts of information to be processed and learned. 50 to 80 beats per minute creates an atmosphere of focus leading to deep concentration in the alpha brain wave state.

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Learning vocabulary, memorising facts or reading to this type of music is highly effective. Conversely, energising music holds attention during sleepy times of day and helps learners stay alert.

Here's 5 more reasons to feast on music in learning:
1. Creates a sense of anticipation. 2. Facilitates multisensory learning. 3. Establishes a positive learning state (used with care).
4. Builds powerful anchors. 5. Develops themes.

Thank you to Paul and Ally from Brain Friendly Trainer for this contribution. Hear them in action at the next Brain Friendly Learning Group meeting - important details are below.

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New dates for BFLG

We've got ambitious plans for the Brain Friendly Learning Group in 2010, starting with lots more inspiring sessions; the dates are all on the website. Ally McCulloch and Paul Wright will kick off the South on 26th February with the swiss army knife in the trainers' toolkit -
Learning through Music - and Photo of training room Stella will be in the North on 19th March with Danny Norcross, so you can experience how to transform a training room in
From Dungeon to Delight.

We'll be delighted to welcome you - click here to join us now.

Exciting times in 2010!

We've been bowled over with the response to the 2010 events questionnaire with 10% of our brain community responding - if you were one of them, your top priority status is assured! From this info, we're developing an exciting year of events - with webinars, demos by us at the BFLG, and running our showcase events in more locations this year, to give more people a chance to join us. Everyone in our expanding database will have the opportunity to benefit from our 21st Anniversary Bonanza offers at certain times of the year - but all offers will be time-limited because we're investing in more marketing too. Our questionnaire's now closed so if you missed it, and are keen to know how you can benefit from priority status in 2010, please get in touch!

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