What's your kitbag essentials?

At last week's Maximising Impact ™, we noticed that our participants were dutifully writing down all the resources that we use or recommend.

And because we have been delivering brain friendly learning for so many years, the what and how is such second nature to us, that we don't always think about highlighting some of the resources we use.

So this month we've decided to share the Top Ten resources we always have in our kitbags; not all of these ideas will be new to you; but how we use them could be!

Have you seen?
Desktop Coach

Maureen Bowes has created a fantastic new resource to develop Emotional Intelligence. Titled the Desktop Coach, you can now access the first in a series of video shorts, which enhance personal awareness and raise self esteem.

Check them out here for free!

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1. Thin width masking tape. 2. Multi-coloured scented pens. 3. Two different essential oils. 4. Good length of coloured ribbon or string. 5. Kitchen roll. 6. A tactile ball, toy or small bean bag. 7. Five or six plastic bowls. 8. Plenty of multi-coloured paper or card. 9. A variety of brain friendly sweets - yes, that's not a contradiction in terms!
10. Laminator.

To find out why these simple resources are all essential within the brain friendly kitbag, and the innovative and memorable ways in which we use them, we'd be delighted to welcome you to any of our open programmes, or we can deliver specific learning solutions
in-house, or for your clients, if you prefer.

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Maximising Impact™

Every time we deliver this unique 1-day workshop, we enhance it based on feedback, and our own reflections, to continuously better what's possible. Our group in May achieved the highest average retention rate so far, at the 24h review stage, and last week's group smashed even this Maximising Impact front cover record, with an amazing 90% average retention rate. (Remember, up to 80% is usually forgotten within the first 24h). For the fast, no risk way to learn how to achieve these results, join us on 16th October - no further dates are planned.

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™

And if you aspire towards even greater results, our showcase ITOL-accredited Train the Trainer event will enable you to experience How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer front cover learning methods, which our participants use to deliver information to achieve 100% learning retention, including in the important area of technical exams. This comprehensive programme is guaranteed to solve many of the challenges we all share as learning facilitators; scroll down the events page on the website to hear how one person's experience is proof that brain friendly training really works. We'll be at the fabulous Marwell Hotel from 24th-27th September; click here to read all the details, and to reserve one of the limited places remaining, do sign up now.

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