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Waste time - save time?
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This month we're encouraging you to join us at our flagship How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ in September, by sharing some of the many reasons why we're passionate about delivering learning the brain friendly way; if leading edge learning ideas are not being used, any investment in L & D runs the risk of wasting individual and organisational time, which ultimately = a waste of money!

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You're also welcome to join us later in September; Ann's serving up Food for Fit Brains in the North on the 17th and Stella's leading Principles of Ethical Influencing in the South on the 24th.

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By choosing to develop yourself with us (if you haven't yet taken the plunge) you too can learn to save time, money, and effort - immediately - leading the way for others too! Traditional training is time-consuming and resource-intensive, eating heavily into L & D budgets; in lean times, individuals and organisations need effective ways to deliver business-critical learning, to keep staff motivated and the business focused.

Some of the important how-tos we share which save time and/or money are: support learners to create meaning for themselves - simply storing knowledge rarely leads to innovation; enable collaboration and involvement to enhance learning transfer - it's vital learners go away and teach others what they've learned; promote active learning to get better business results - learners need to see, hear and feel what changes can be made; keep it real by relating to the organisation - get learners to work on current business applications, not hypothetical material; save resources by using what is around - for one group of learners this week, rolls of old wallpaper became colourful customer experience maps! And the best time-saving news of all? - learn to deliver results-focused material in a fraction of the time!

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Are you evaluating for success?

It's vital organisations know they will get demonstrable return on Reach for stars investment (ROI) from learning initiatives. Evaluation is key to linking stated business objectives with measurable learning outcomes. Join us in September to find out lots of value-for-money ways to evaluate quickly and effectively; if you can't prove your worth as an internal or external trainer - how much of a waste is that?

Are you including diversity?

Group Learning

Do you: input information using all 5 senses; search for meaning through 8 intelligences; generate strong abilities to recall with multiple memory triggers? Do you know how to enable adult learners with dyslexia, Aspergers, ADHD, synesthesia, and other brain diversities, to benefit fully from your sessions - there's far more learning preferences out there than you think! Join us in September to fully appreciate your audiences and to find out how to work with diverse needs; remember, if someone feels excluded by you or the group, then they aren't learning - how much of a waste is that?

Brain in Business Blue Man To discover how our brain friendly treasure trove can help you to save time and money in L & D, whilst getting the best return on your own investment, call us now to book the final places at
How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ - superb pairs incentives apply!
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