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WOW! What an amazing few weeks! We've welcomed 97 new subscribers, and 93 people accessed our Learning at Work Day free teleseminar - Using the Brain in Business. We don't always know where you are in the world, but recent joiners are from countries including Australia, Denmark, Kazakhstan and Germany. Wherever you're reading our ezine right now - we're delighted you're part of our brain friendly community - and do email us to let us know how we can best serve you.

Because of this surge, we're returning this month to what we believe is the key measure of your effectiveness as a communicator - how well does what you say and write stick in your audience's memory? How do you know? If you're new to the ezine, please access May's edition from the website, to read about the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting.

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Here's 9 ideas we use which help to trigger memory: 1. Numbering. 2. Understanding. 3. Mnemonics. 4. Breaks. 5. Expectation. 6. Repetition. 7. Imagination. 8. Novelty. 9. orGanisation. And can you spot the mnemonic we use to help us remember all that?

To learn how these 9 ideas can trigger people's memories of what you say and write, join us at Maximising Impact™ . Or to experience all the memory triggers we routinely use (which is now well over 40!), join us at How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™. Unlike those who learn through more traditional methods, our learners have the tools to remember up to 100% of what we say and write. What would be the benefits for you if you were able to say that about your learners?

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BFLG - goes North

Stella will be opening our new Brain Friendly Learning Group in the North near Chester on 26th June, with a repeat of Brain Friendly Learning for the Sceptical. To find out more and to book, please click here, and select the North tab. You don't need to be a member to join us, and BFLG meeting you're welcome to invite a guest. But to become a member and be sure of future updates, you can join our thriving community here. For those new to brain friendly learning, joining the BFLG is a low-cost way to begin your journey to expertise.

Public events in 2009

Bookings are now open for both our ITOL-accredited public events in 2009, and we're thrilled to have added short video testimonials to the website from people who've previously attended. Maximising Impact ™ is on 10th July in the Midlands, and 16th October in the South; click here for all the details. How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ runs from 24th-27th September; scroll down the Events page on the How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer front cover website to watch the video and click here to read all the details. Or call Ann on 01380 850 192 or Stella on 01189 836 339 to check what's in it for you, and to find out if you qualify for an individual or organisational incentive.

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