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Get down with the kids and play!

Did you see last week's 'Imagine …' on BBC1? Alan Yentob was interviewing various artists, exploring how childhood play had been vital to their creative development. The power of play is often underestimated as we grow up - with our adult concerns that if the mind is allowed to wander, where will it end?

It was suggested that all creativity is simply play - the ability to take ideas and make non-linear, non-logical connections; an ability which is vital in learning transfer and the absorption of new understanding.

Have U Tried?
The Training Shop

A simple, and often non-conscious, way to encourage people to play is by giving them an inexpensive toy as a gift.

We get ours from The Training Shop; check out their website for toys, games, pens, music, etc - and encourage all your learners to play!

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So here's 5 things you can do to encourage people to play:
1. Start a session with a multi-sensory visualisation - give people some time and space which they often don't give themselves.
2. Provide a non-critical learning environment - where there's no fear of failure and every idea has its merits. 3. Set up an exercise with no rules - see where people's imagination takes them. 4. Drawing, modelling or sculpting ideas may initially be challenging for some - but it gives space for more thoughtful reflection. 5. Present everyday objects differently - encourage learners to make their own links to your topic.

Experience lots of opportunities to create meaningful learning through play at September's How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer.

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See us in action at BFLG!

If you've not had the chance to work with us live, we'll look forward to welcoming you to our next
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