To theme or not to theme?
It's an important question!

We've both been out and about separately recently, delivering 2- and 3-day workshops, with different content and themes, and we're often asked our views on using metaphor and themes in learning.

The advantages of using themes include: being easy for learners to identify with, as they help to make sense in their world; they enable people to communicate goals / actions they may not have the words to describe; they bring enjoyment to learning, releasing our 'feelgood' hormones - endorphins; they're helpful when individuals or organisations are experiencing change or challenge, as feelings can be expressed in 'character'; and they encourage huge amounts of creativity - in learners and facilitators alike!

We recommend
Graphics Made Easy

Having now learnt how to draw simple images fast, we heartily recommend Vanessa Randle and Penny Pullan from Graphics Made Easy.

Read how they can transform your visual abilities quickly and powerfully here; and you too can get easy graphics to try, today!

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However, some of us are more challenged by using themes, and may require explanation, or to know it's OK not to work in metaphor if this seems difficult. Interestingly, we've found that this permission to opt out may be all that's needed to encourage the hesitant to fully immerse themselves in the theme -
even becoming your most ardent fan!

Popular themes include sports, environment, heroes / fairy tales - which are great for multi-cultural audiences, quests for the lost secrets of ..., nautical / pirate adventures, mystery / spy stories, journeys, and those inspired by the business or organisation brand.

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The Creativity Myth

The Creativity Myth book For those keen to learn about our methods in the comfort of their own home / office, we have recently published our second ebook - Learning the Creativity Myth.

In our series of eight ebooks, we journey through all aspects of the robust brain friendly learning model we use, enabling you to learn and practise our methods, at your own pace. Click here to find out about the entire series; reading them in order will help your brain learn the best!

New Dates

We're delighted to announce new dates for our popular brain friendly open events. We're in the Midlands with Maximising Impact™ on 12th June, and the South on 16th October. And in response to demand, How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ includes a weekend, to enable more of you to attend. We'll be at one of our favourite venues, Marwell Hotel, from 24th-27th September; it would be great to see you there, too. Cover of How To Be A Brain Friendly Trainer

Bookings will open shortly, with substantial incentives for early birds to book. To be sure of securing your invitation to pay less, click here to register your interest for Maximising Impact™, and here for How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ - now!

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