How many times must you repeat yourself?

Regular readers of our emails, and our event participants, will know about the Ebbinghaus Curve of Forgetting - the research that demonstrates that up to 80% of information and learning can be quickly forgotten - as soon as within half an hour!

And you'll also know that we believe that one of the key measures of effective learning is how well it sticks in memory. Through our experience and participants' suggestions, we continuously improve the methods we use to achieve this important goal.

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With the following result: at our last Maximising Impact™ our group achieved the highest average retention rate so far - in excess of 80% - 24 hours after the learning, which thrashes the Ebbinghaus research! And more of our learners (and our learners' learners!) are achieving 90-100% success than ever before!

So how often must you repeat/review learning to get results like these long-term? There are 7 key repetition points: 1. Within 10 minutes of learning. 2. At the end of the session. 3. After 24 hours. 4. After 1 week. 5. After 1 month. 6. After 3 months. 7. After 6 months.

To get the best return on learning investment, and achieve workplace results, you also need your learners to absorb more of what you say. To discover ways to achieve success, join us at Maximising Impact™ where you'll learn how we can all easily remember more.

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Brain Friendly Learning Group

The Creativity Myth book We've got 2 meetings planned for June. Russell Oliver-Brooklands (ROB) will be introducing us to The infinite magic of the mind's voice on 8th June near Reading, and Stella will be opening our new North West group near Chester on 26th June, with a repeat of our sell-out session, Brain Friendly Learning for the Sceptical. To find out more and to book, please click here, and select the South or NorthWest tabs. And to become a member and be sure of future updates, join our thriving community here.

Maximising Impact™

Maximising Impact front cover What we share about repeating/reviewing represents just 2 of the 52 Ways to Present Information Powerfully we discuss at Maximising Impact™.

To find out 50 more ways, join us on 12th June in the Midlands, and 16th October in the South; click here for all the details. This ITOL-accredited event is now unique in the brain friendly world.

Earlybird bookings for 12th June will close soon, so do save £100 while you can. And remember, one lucky person will get their place for FREE, by being our 100th participant

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