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To celebrate the launch of How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ in December, this ezine is devoted to some of the topics we'll be covering which help to save time and money.

Traditional training courses can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, eating heavily into L & D budgets; in lean times, organisations need more effective ways to deliver business-critical learning, to keep staff motivated and the business focused.

Dave Meier, a leading learning guru, tells how he delivered a H & S session, at no notice and with no resources, billed as 'the best in a very long week' (5 days of presentations!).

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Food for Fit Brains

Whether you're coaching or training, to keep your clients' and customers' brains alert, they need regular shots of high quality glucose. Join us in December to find out how to devise a brain friendly menu for all learning occasions and to ensure learners stay awake!

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Some of the cost-saving principles he used are: create meaning for the learner, not storage of others' knowledge; enable collaboration and involvement to enhance learning transfer; promote active learning to get better business results; keep it real by relating the learning to the business; save resources by using what is around the learners; and activity-centred learning can be developed and delivered in a fraction of the time.

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Evaluating for Success

In challenging times, it's vital that organisations know they will get Reach for stars demonstrable return on investment (ROI) from learning initiatives. Evaluation is key to linking stated business objectives with measurable learning outcomes.

Join us in December and, using a well-known model, you'll find out lots of brain friendly value-for-money ways to evaluate quickly and effectively.

Learning Preferences
- important for diversity

Group Learning Do you: input information using all 5 senses; search for meaning through 8 intelligences; generate strong abilities to recall with multiple memory triggers? In other words, do you know how your learners learn best?

Join us in December to find out how to handle the challenge of working with diverse needs and to fully appreciate individual learning preferences; remember, if someone feels excluded, then they aren't learning.

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