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Mandatory doesn't Motivate!

Our theme this month is motivation to celebrate the launch of our 3rd ebook - Learning - Motivation in just One Minute. Below we share a snapshot of its contents, focusing on the frequently challenging topic of running mandatory information and learning events.

Over the years, we've gained substantial experience of working with people who don't want to be at an event. So here's 5 ideas we use as often as we can - ideas which help motivate audiences to turn up, to take part, to take action!

Stop Press

We're often asked to suggest useful resources, so as we've just joined forces with Amazon, we've immediately added 18 books to the website.

We'll be adding more, so bookmark this link now for a fast route to resources which feed brains and motivate people to act.

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1. Coach the organisation/ event sponsor to avoid words like 'mandatory'; we have found words such as 'essential' and 'important' are better. 2. Have input into the administration and drafting of the invitation to the event. 3. Have prior contact with personalised invitations and emails; a phone call works wonders! 4. Value what knowledge or information people will bring to the event as well as how the learning will be of benefit to them. 5. Empathise with the concerns people have, and build rapport by sharing an appropriate story. The sales technique 'feel, felt, found' is a great one to use here.

If you're wondering how you too can Motivate in just One Minute - you can find out more about our latest ebook here.

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Brain Friendly Essentials - Bundle Offer

Lots of people started their brain friendly journey with our first two ebooks - Begin with the Brain in Mind and The Creativity Myth and are actively implementing the ideas we shared. This Maximising Impact front cover is a great time to join them as you can now buy all 3 ebooks - and only pay for 2. Click here to read about our Brain Friendly Essentials series - the only books we know of which are brain friendly in style and content! Or to jump straight to the checkout for the bundle offer on all 3 ebooks, simply click here.

Brain Friendly Learning Group

BFLG meeting

One way to become more consistently motivated is to tap into the inner resources we already have and both our upcoming meetings share accessing our unconscious as a central theme.

Click here to find out about Hypnosis in Training with Linda Pearce and Karen Kimberley on the 27th November in the South (book by the 19th) and here for Releasing the Unconscious Genius with Ant Shearn on 7th December in the North (book by the 27th).

If you're not yet a member, please click here to join our unique group - we'll be delighted to welcome you in the North or the South.

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