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October has seen the launch of the Learning Revolution, a movement to open up opportunities for adults to follow non-accredited learning opprtunities for pleasure, development and fulfilment.

And if you've been with us a while, you'll know that we use brain friendly ideas to revolutionise our whole lives, not simply how we deliver learning or learn for ourselves.

So this month we're sharing 5 ways we've revolutionised other aspects of what we do.

Have you heard?
Fresh Steps

... that by 2010 almost 40% of the UK workforce will be over 45? Fresh Steps is a dynamic programme for older workers wishing to maximise their future potential, and progressive employers wanting to retain talent and expertise. Contact Patricia Cresswell for details.

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1. Instead of a shopping list, we use the Pegging memory technique - that way the list's always with us and doesn't get left at home!
2. Mind Mapping is a great way to plan holidays; stick the map on a large piece of paper on the wall - then your family or friends can contribute. 3. Design a games evening with reference to the Multiple Intelligences - it means there's activities for everyone to enjoy.
4. Planning a meal for family or friends? Think sight, sound, touch, smell and taste to make your evening a Multi-Sensory delight. 5. And do you ever theme your parties? How about Theming presentations to teams, colleagues, or for future business - you'll really stand out from the crowd!

To find out about Learning Revolution events up and down the country please click here. And to revolutionise your approach to learning or to life, please contact either of us for a
personal or organisational consultation.

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Brain Friendly Learning Group

As expected, our two end of year events are proving very popular and bookings began really early! Click here to find out about Hypnosis in Training with Linda Pearce on the BFLG meeting 27th November in the South and here to find out about Releasing the Unconscious Genius with Ant Shearn on 7th December in the North.

And book soon to guarantee your place at these sell-out sessions! If you're not yet a member, please click here to join our unique group.

Learning - The One Minute Motivator

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Our 3rd ebook in the
Brain Friendly Essentials series is now with a panel for final review. In this ebook, we explore the successful strategies we use to engage individuals and audiences before, during and after an event; all stages being equally important. In this series, we're journeying through the entire model we use to design all our programmes and events.

So if you've not yet read ebooks 1 and 2 - Begin with the Brain in Mind and The Creativity Myth - look out for a very special offer on all 3 ebooks in November.

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