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How to motivate audiences to turn up!

At the moment, we're working on a really interesting project with a public sector business, and we're achieving very high attendance rates, which is what we aim for.

Now, as with many businesses, this organisation is facing the challenge of deep cuts and so participants may not feel motivated to attend learning events, when there's other things on their minds.

However, whether you're an internal or external L & D staff consultant, we believe we all have a responsibility to work with the organisation to maximise attendance and achieve the best return on investment for the business, at every learning event.

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So here's 5 things you can do to motivate audiences to turn up:

1. Have input into the administration and drafting of the invitation to the event. 2. Coach the organisation or internal sponsor to avoid words like 'mandatory'; we have found 'essential' and 'important' are better words to use. 3. Make contact with participants at least a couple of times - personalise invitations, send e-mails, call people (whatever's practical, given the nature of the project). 4. Value what knowledge or information learners will bring to the learning event as well as how the training will be of benefit to them. This is particularly important, with 'required' training, for those who've already 'done it before'. 5. Send something to engage/ intrigue the learners in the days / weeks prior to their attendance - a themed invitation; articles / reading to review; short questionnaires; puzzles linked to the learning content - the possibilities are endless!

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We know that lots of people in our wider community would love to join us at BFLG meetings - but can't because very often you may be somewhere else in the UK or world! So we've now transferred the BFLG Forum to LinkedIn making it easier for all our members to stay in touch. Which means you can now benefit from the Learning Clinic concept at any time! If you're not yet a member, we'd be pleased to welcome you - just click here.

Next BFLG meeting

Our next South meeting will be on 19th November, and we're delighted that regular attender Janet Stevenson will be sharing some of the secrets of Non Verbal Intelligence - an important skill for anyone for whom the quality of their communication is vital. We're also trying out a different venue - the Ark Conference Centre in Basingstoke - so do join us, and tell us what you think. And remember to bring your design challenges to the Learning Clinic - it's a great opportunity to learn with each other and steal lots of different brain friendly ideas too!

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