How to handle challenge?
Keep the brain in mind!

We're often asked how we handle the challenge of working with 'difficult' people. This month we're sharing some ideas which apply when we're hosting a meeting or delivering training. You can also adapt them if you coach or mentor 1-2-1.

Firstly, based on what we know about them, we treat our participants as either curious, concerned, or possibly feeling coerced. We find this helps us to have a really positive mindset, and we strive not to label individuals as 'difficult'.

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Brain in Business Blue Man We remember that for some participants, the most basic instinct of fight and flight (brain stem) comes to the fore in these situations and, whether they admit it or not, people can get very emotional (amygdala) about the style and content of meetings and training.

Here's just a few of the ideas we use: send joining invitations (note the word!), identify the WIIFMs, welcome people individually, avoid time-wasting introductions, lose central tables, change groupings regularly, keep brains fed, use multi-intelligence exercises, value all contributions, and don't argue, criticise, or put people on the spot.

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